We are all about fuel

Our products have been developed specifically for the unique needs of the fuel industry whether that is fuel importing, distribution or retailing.

Each product is designed to help increase your visibility and control, which in turn helps you maximize company productivity and profits.

We have solutions for financial management, fleet logistics, on-vehicle trip management, retail and card aggregation, forecourt management, environmental and compliance monitoring as well as alternative fuel types.

Our ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) systems are scalable to your business size and provide you with end-to-end financial and logistics management that can be fully-integrated with your business data.

All our products are modern cloud-based applications that are intuitive to use. They are also adaptable and flexible to fit your local go-to-market strategy; with implementation delivered and supported by our team.

Image of a fuel station using or Fuel Distribution  Management Systems

Providing Fuel Management Solutions for 30 Years

With nearly 30 years of operational experience and industry knowledge to draw from, our solutions are designed to meet the current as well as emerging needs of our customers and the fuel industry.

Our sole focus is to enable our customers to make complex business decisions easier, quicker and more accurately.

  • 30 years operational experience
  • Specialists in the fuel industry
  • 5 global hubs
  • 8 billion+ liters of fuel managed by Octane products annually
  • Scalable for large, medium, small importers, distributors and retailers
  • Multiple fuel type capability
  • Easy to read dashboards and reports
  • Multi-lingual and multi-jurisdictional solutions

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