Fleet & Logistics Systems & Software for Fuel Distribution

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Real-time management of customer requirements while on the road.

To get the most out of your fuel distribution fleet you need to be connected to your drivers on the road. With our OnBoards system you get real-time data in the cab as well as back at the office.

Designed and tested with thousands of drivers, their consistent feedback has been how easy-to-use and intuitive our Octane OnBoards are.

Included is live order tracking with GPS stamped delivery status + trip management + route optimization + tank and truck inventory monitoring as well as a streamlined interface with your dispatchers and back-office personnel to enable fast accurate customer billing.

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Fleet logistics management system for fuel distribution operators.

Our OnRoute system helps you plan and optimize your daily fuel distribution delivery operations.

Providing multi-scheduling capabilities + trip sequencing + route and tank optimization + mass loading + real-time order tracking as well as a streamlined interface with your financial systems. Can also be seamlessly integrated with Octane OnBoards.

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Supply chain management system for home heating fuel delivery networks.

Providing heating oil and propane for household heating is highly specialized service and Home Heat has been designed specifically to support the delivery and management requirements of the fuel distributors.

Home Heat predicts usage requirements using degree-day or Julian day forecasting, manages delivery sequencing, route optimization, storage tank utilization and in-market location requirements. It also provides a streamlined interface with your financial system.

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Service management system for home heating equipment servicing networks.

Designed specifically for the requirements of the home heat equipment servicing and sales networks, H.V.A.C. is a great partner system to Home Heat.

H.V.A.C. . manages customer service scheduling, job dispatching, time tracking, daily checklists, asset maintenance, service history and can be seamlessly integrated with Enterprise, Voyager or Discovery financial systems.

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