Retail & Card Systems for Fuel Payments

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Real-time multi-site fuel forecourt management.

Developed specifically for operators of multi-site service station networks, ForeTune is the wetstock management system designed to help you improve your business visibility and control.

The real-time dashboard uses your data, such as meter readings, tank dips and POS transactions to reconcile inventory, determine loss, highlight environmental concerns with underground fuel storage, as well as manage brand and regulatory compliance. Transforming manual processes into streamlined automation as well as centralizing and connecting vital business data.

ForeTune is suitable for both serviced and card-only fuel stations networks. Working seamlessly with your existing IT systems, it also has multi-lingual and multi-jurisdictional capabilities.

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Fuel card management system for retail networks.

CardSure gives your fuel retail network the ability to process and authorise customer payments by fuel card.

It connects your point-of-sale system, your financial system and your card management program; all while handling multiple fuel card types and multiple providers. Specifically designed for fuel retail networks.

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Connects card payment platforms to financial systems.

Transact connects your card payment platforms to your financial system.

Providing smooth handling of multiple and complex card owner relationships, multi-party arbitrage, transaction management and card processing. Features also include price board controls, site management and multi-site requirements. Specifically designed for fuel retail networks.

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Integrates customer-facing services with back-of-house financial management.

For fuel retailers, Vendpoint seamlessly connects front-of-house transactions with the back-of-house financial management system.

It integrates with existing retail and point-of-sale systems, capturing, processing and connecting those transactions to your core financial operations.

Vendpoint features include customer account management facilities, docket repricing, customer billing, card payments, duplicate transaction identification and elimination.

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