Why Partner With Us?

Our Octane product suite of proven, intuitive fuel management systems coupled with our Certified Partner Program, will help you win more customers and revenue to your existing business.

Our products are designed to integrate with your clients’ systems seamlessly, increasing their management visibility and control, which in turn helps maximize their company’s productivity and profits. In a nutshell our fuel distribution and retail solutions help remove barriers to your client’s growth.

We enjoy working with like-minded partners. Those that recognize there is synergies to be gained by combining our industry-leading Octane solutions with their company’s knowledge, local market experience and client base. We have built our Partner Program to ensure quality delivery (each partner must undertake a product certification process), recognize mutual benefits and reward partner success.

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Partnership Opportunities

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Sell and Service

Offer Octane products in your market as well as look after customer support needs and enjoy long-term customer relationships under a subscription-based revenue model.
Certification required.

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A consultation model suited to system integrators and industry experts involved in the implementation and support of Octane products leading to long term customer relationships.
Certification required

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We are always interested in working with developer organisations that share our pursuit of excellence.


As a Certified Octane Partner you will receive access to:
  • A comprehensive suite of products tailored for the fuel industry
  • Solutions that are scalable to small, medium and large organizations
  • Systems that are market flexible and multi-lingual
  • Documentation and product marketing collateral to support your sales, implementation, servicing or development teams.
You'll also receive:
  • Multiple revenue-stream options including long-term subscription-based models
  • Opportunity to turbo-boost your revenue through our performance-based High Octane rewards program
  • Formal training and certification in Octane products
  • Collaboration with our dynamic and friendly team of industry experts who value working with like-minded businesses.

Working Together


Partnering Right

We value mutual success and know that when we put the needs of your business and your clients at the forefront of the relationship, we are all more successful. We also value strong two-way communication and ensure that from acceptance into the program and throughout our partnership you will receive from us clear processes and procedures, regular feedback and reviews, agreed success scorecard, as well as access to our key people.



We encourage you to select the partner model to suit your business:

  • The Sell and Service Program is orientated towards recurring subscription revenue, ensuring security for your business
  • Implement Program derives revenue from consultant fees, which then translates into future recurring income
  • Develop Program provides project revenue and is determined on a case-by-case basis. Talk to us about your business’ solution, we are interested in collaborating on great ideas.

Success driven rewards

All our partners have the opportunity to gain High Octane partner status as part of our rewards program. A High Octane partner has the opportunity to turbo-boost their revenue. Talk to us, for more details about the High Octane Program.

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