Industry Specific

OCTANE is a complete, end-to-end ERP software solution built specifically to cater to the unique needs of fuel distribution operators. Our technology has been developed by professionals with a thorough understanding of the specific industry requirements and has been designed in conjunction with our customers around the world. 

Distributors employing the OCTANE system know that their technology is working to provide clearer, more effective insights and intelligence at all stages of the process. They also know that the system’s seamless integration across all business units is driving cost efficiencies, helping to remove risk and streamlining operations.  

With peace of mind that the technology side of their business is being taken care of from start to finish, our clients are able to focus on what they do best – managing and operating their businesses with certainty and decisiveness.

End to End

Our technology brings your operations together onto one unified platform, allowing the business processes to be clearly monitored and any potential issues and wastage to be rapidly identified.  This monitoring along the entire length of the process enables the clear tracking of trends and opens up deep levels of insight and information to assist in decision-making. 

This seamless approach removes the risks and inefficiencies that multiple separate systems bring into a business and its processes. With OCTANE, you get one system that critically analyses the performance of the company as a whole. 

Secure Cloud Solution

OCTANE is an outsourced solution with no local servers and a built-in support network. Our team members are experts in the delivery of integrated cloud-based solutions and have vast knowledge, especially within complex organizational environments.

Cloud-based solutions deliver a number of business benefits: they provide a greater level of flexibility and scalability, provide improved accessibility, and help achieve economies of scale. In addition, they also remove numerous potential IT headaches so that you can focus on what’s most important – working on your business.

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